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Executive Members

Ryan Woodward


Rob Upton


Kyley Wilcott

House Director

Murray Spier

Past President

Corry Clark


Scott Oliver

Vice President and Director of Player & Coach Training

Mark Palmer

Rep Director


Roy Moulder

Tournament Director

Lesleigh Stanley

Concession Manager - Sullivan

Norm Marples

Field Manager - Sullivan Park

Karen Hefferland


Mike & Stacey Merrells

Volunteer Coordinators

Angela Oliver

Field Scheduler

Rory Mulhern


Jeff Harper

Social Media Manager


Matt Spier

1999B Head Coach

Tyler Sinclair

2002B Head Coach

Jill Anderson

2004A Coach

Scott Oliver

2005A Head Coach

Jason Lien

2006B Head Coach

Karla Huppe

2008B Head Coach

Mark Riske

2001A Head Coach

Mark Palmer

2003A Head Coach

Jodie Porteous

2004A Coach

Randall Hall

2005B Head Coach

Ken Van Nes

2007A Head Coach

Dara Shepard

2001B Head Coach

John Herdman

2003B Head Coach

Josh Pirie

2004B Head Coach

Megan Heriot

2006A Head Coach

Gail Holotuk

2008A Head Coach

Deanna Willard

2002A Head Coach

Mailing Address

Mailing Address:

PO Box 16535
Bear Creek, PO
Surrey, BC, Canada
V3W 2P5