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Criminal Records Check Information

Criminal Records Checks

Criminal Record Check Information for Team Staff Members

May 2018

The online criminal records check process through the Province of British Columbia is the preferred method for conducting Criminal Records Checks for Storm team staff members.

For the 2019 season it will be the ONLY method (as required by SBBC)

If you are a Storm Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, or hold some other role with a team or, are part of our Executive you must complete a Criminal Records Check through this process by December 14, 2018

As of May 2018, completed criminal records checks for Storm are valid for THREE years. 

You will need the access code below, which is unique to Storm. Online Link:


If you have completed a recent criminal records check online through this process for another organization, you can use our access code (GPFYEXYWHD) to share the results of it with us.